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I hope you’ve enjoyed Eeek! so far…!

Ordering Eeek!…including party bags…

Eeek! (book cover)

Order Eeek! from Amazon/Kindle Store in the UK

Order Eeek! from Amazon/Kindle Store in the USA

Order in print from Waterstones UK

To read Eeek! on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or other device, simply download the free Kindle app:

Free Kindle app UK      Free Kindle app USA

Find Eeek! in The Barnes Bookshop SW13 and The Sheen Bookshop SW14 and Nomad Books, Fulham

You can also order Eeek! from any local bookstore and find him in selected branches of Waterstones in south-west London :)

If you’re in the UK you can order multiple copies of Eeek for party bags – please email me at kpinglis [at] wellsaid [dot] co [dot] uk for details

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