By the time I got to the gate my fluorescent green friend had almost reached the end of our road. ‘Come back!’ I called in a feeble voice, knowing he wouldn’t hear me. Just at that moment an almighty roar filled the morning sky. I looked up to see the Red Arrows streak out through the white-grey clouds, and cut a cool formation right over our the top of our house. Awesome!

To my astonishment, when I glanced to the end of the road again, the alien had stopped and was jumping up and down in a frenzy pointing at the planes. ‘Poor soul,’ said I to myself, ‘probably thinks it’s his spaceships come to rescue him.’ It would take more than a puff of blue ear-smoke to get him a ride on those! And they certainly wouldn’t be taking him home – more likely to the government laboratories!

Eeek the alien at end of road pointing at the Red Arrows

As their last echo faded across the sky the alien, who had calmed down, didn’t as I thought he would, shoot off round the corner. Instead he just stood there gazing dreamily into the sky, as if he’d just seen Father Christmas and his reindeers, or a few stray angels. ‘Batty!’ thought I as I started walking towards him. Just at that moment (had he heard my thoughts?) he switched his gaze out of the sky and down the road towards me. Immediately he started waving vigorously. As I approached I could see a broad grin on his moon shaped face. He seemed to have found his long lost soul mate again.

‘That was the Red Arrows!’ I declared with a smile. The alien nodded enthusiastically. ‘Did you think they might be your spaceships?’ He took a step back apace and frowned indignantly, as if I’d just said something really dumb. ‘So you speak English?’ I faltered, glimpsing his flat, long-toed feet as I tried to change the subject. He pulled a stiff upside down smile, then gestured as if adjusting an invisible shower control. By this, I think he meant ‘A little.’

‘Where do you come from?’ I asked, now following his trails of blue smoke upwards.

‘Eeek!’ echoed the alien, pointing to the sky.

‘Of course!’ I said smiling. ‘I know all about the planets – got a poster in my room – and lots of books. D’you want to come and see? You could show me your home!’ I could barely believe my luck when the alien shrugged his shoulders and smiled shyly, as if to say ‘Why not?’

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